To the psychotherapeutic practice of Dipl.- Psych. Wiebke Coenen, Mag. rer. nat. Tina Duffney and M. Sc. Psych. Jennifer Arditsoglou in Köln/ Rodenkirchen.

Life has its ups and downs and our power of self-healing is not always enough to solve difficult life situations. Our therapeutic offer refers to people that suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, panic disorder, burn-out, sleeping disorders, psychosomatic disorders, trauma or acute life crises. Our work is defined by the “Richtlinienverfahren” of behavior therapy. These methods are individually tailored by elements of hypnotherapy.

This website provides information about who we are, an overview of the processes we use and a bit about the psychological therapy system in Germany. Please feel welcome to use this website as background information about our behavior therapy focused solutions.