Treatment of Burn-Out

Our fast moving society demands a lot; this is reflected in both, our private and our professional lives. It is especially common in people with high standards who tend to analyze their own performance. Typically, high performers try their best to abide by these high demands in all areas of life while disregarding their own need for recovery. These factors often lead to chronic stress, which can eventually end up in complete exhaustion. This exhaustion is what we label as Burn-out. Burn-out is also understandably referred to as the “disease of the diligent.” Symptoms present themselves but are not limited to chronic exhaustion, decreased work or personal efficiency, sleeping disorders, depressed mood, dizziness, headaches, tiredness, ruminating thoughts, or anxiety. Noticing these signs is the first step to acknowledging the possibility of a Burn-out and beginning the road to recovery.
The treatment of Burn-out is goal-focused and individually tailored. It focusses on enhancing the ability to cope with:

  • Stress
  • Pressure of competition and performance
  • Loss of recognition for achievements in professional or private life
  • General uncertainty