Mag. rer. nat. Tina Duffney


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (KVT) (German / English)
  • Burn-out Treatment


Current Positions

  • Self-employed as a licensed psychotherapist in private practice
  • Self-employed licensed psychotherapist in the Praxis Dr. Pohlmann located in Cologne, Germany


Previous fields of activity

  • Therapeutic work in the practice of Mr. Pfennig, Cologne, Germany
  • Therapeutic and administrative services in the practice of Mr. Wetter, Euskirchen, Germany
  • Practiced in the clinic of psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics at St. Alexius / St.Josef Hospital in Neuss, Germany
  • Research associate in Alzheimer's disease research in Perth, Australia
  • Fellowship in the areas of Eating Disorders, Depression, and Anxiety Disorders in Hamburg, Germany
  • Internship in the area of substance-related diseases in Vienna, Austria


Educational Background

  • Licensed psychotherapist (Approbation) and registered in the official Doctor’s registry (Arztregistereintrag).
  • Training as a psychological psychotherapist at the Academy for Behavioral Therapy (AVT) in Cologne, Germany
  • Study of Psychology (Diploma) at the University of Vienna in Vienna, Austria