Treatment Plan

According to Behavioral-therapy our behavior, how we experience and emotionally deal with situations, originates from the past experiences in our life. In many cases certain behavior and thinking patterns were created to help with coping early in life. These same coping behaviors can present havoc later life and are truly dysfunctional. Many times a successful adjustment can be achieved by changing these old patterns and/or adding new ones.

Therapeutic interventions are aimed at a change that is reflected in the form of thinking, feeling and acting.

We use techniques from systemic therapy, schema therapy and Gestalt therapy. Additionally, we employ relaxation techniques such as those based on mindfulness or imagination.

A personal treatment plan is always tailored to each individual’s needs.

When life is aligned with one's own values and desires, satisfaction and well-being are the results. Psychotherapy can mean companionship along this path to finding fulfillment. In principle, transparency in the therapeutic process is especially important. Given the willingness to change, you the patient determine the direction, the topics, and the speed of the process. This process is dependent on you and developing the self-help skills that will help you handle future difficult situations.


In our first session we will work on getting an impression for your concerns. Through discussion and examination of your life’s background, together we will work to develop an explanatory model for your current difficulty (or difficulties). At the same time, your existing resources and abilities will be improved. We will jointly use our findings to create appropriate goals and determine a path forward in the change process.